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Facial Feminization Surgery in South Africa

Why FFS in Africa ? Bring Out your True Feminine Grace… Easily South Africa is a country where many people undergo gender transformation from the male to the female gender. For transgender people who are currently part of this transformation, the times are usually from and take with a number of important questions about their self-identity and...
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Facial Feminization Surgery in Sweden

Facial Feminization Surgery in Sweden: Making the World More Beautiful Place

How would you define feminine features? Many of you would say long lashes and naturally arched eyebrows; full, pouty lips; curvaceous jawline; and perhaps smooth, rounded forehead. Most of you would not be wrong. This is how society perceives femininity. Every person’s definition of feminine features...
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Facial Feminization in South America

Facial Feminization in South America:

Facial Feminization Surgery: Changing the World One Face at a Time

As reported in The New York times, Osmel Sousa, the in-charge of the Miss Venezuela pageant, said surgical enhancements are a necessity if a person wants to be perceived as beautiful. This claim made by Osmel Sousa gives the statement –...

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