Facial feminization surgery or Face feminizing surgery is very popular among ransgender, ranssexual, Trans women, Gender dysphoria population and also among women with male Face features and others who desire to change or transform their face from male to female. There are many among these groups who travel to India from countries like Spain, Germany, Brazil, USA, UK, Netherland, Thailand, Japan, Australia and other parts of the world to transform their face through facial feminization surgery.

These are only a handful of facial feminization surgeons in the world who performs these surgeries as it requires artistic skills and experience. Dr.Pentyalas facial feminization surgery in India is one among the few cosmetic clinics in the world perform facial feminization surgeries and has transformed many transgender, transsexuals, transwomen and made many women with male face transformation Feminine female face. Individuals who desire to undergo transgender surgery male to female face can contact us with your requirements. Dr.pentyala would be happy to guide you.

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