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Nose Feminization Surgery

Gain a Slender Lady-Like Nose Easily

An integral part of facial feminization surgery is the restructuring and reshaping of the nose. The nose is an ambiguous part of the face – it does not straight away give a clear indication of gender. However, certain characteristics about the nose might provide a suggestion towards the gender upon careful observation. Therefore, Dr. Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery’s cosmetic surgeons take meticulously special care while dealing with the nose as the changes need to be subtle and suggestive to impart the desired results feminization. More than indicating gender, the nose serves the purpose of increasing the overall aesthetic appeal of a face. Hence, we keep in mind certain critical set of characteristics when carrying out nose feminization surgery.

Nose Feminization Surgery and FFS

Most people would agree that one of the most commonly observed trends visible in male and female faces concerns the size of the nose. Female noses are usually slightly on the smaller side in all aspects than the male nose. The bridge has a tendency to be narrower and straighter when it comes to the female face. The inherent curvature of the nose is also found to be less steep and gentler. The nasal tips of women are usually much more pronounced in defined than that of men. Such attention to details is what sets apart Dr. Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery’s surgeons from the rest.

Another vital point of difference has to do with the resultant angles where the nose meets the other components of the face. The two important angles here are the angle at which the nose meets the forehead and the angle at which the nose meets the upper part of the job. This angle has been observed to be more acute in the case of men and comparatively gentler in the case of women. An high degree of knowledge of these characteristics help us execute nose feminization surgery or Rhinoplasty as a much required add-on to more radical procedures like forehead feminization.

Dr. Pentyalas Facial Feminization Surgery and its talent in nose feminization Surgery
The chief goal of the nose feminizing and Rhinoplasty procedures carried out at Dr. Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery is to decrease the overall size of the nose while giving it the appropriate contour, curvature, outline and proportions which are all consistent with the standard characteristics found on a female nose. Our state of the art facility and enhanced level of experience remains unmatched in the world today and hence allows us to carry out a remarkably successful job of nose feminization surgery.

How Nose Femnization Surgery works  ?

Any humps or crookedness in the nasal area are also removed as part of this process to provide a more finished, feminine look. Through the correct application of the surgery as a part of our FFS caliber, the nasal area can be made to look more feminine and in better context with the other adjoining areas of the face which are also undergoing feminization.

Interested in gaining a slender nose to complement your lissome grace? Then contact Dr. Pentyala’s Facial Feminization Surgery today itself for nose feminization procedure.